Project Zacchaeus – Telematique vs HMRC, Epilogue: Taking the war to HMRC

“Project Zacchaeus – Telematique vs HMRC, Epilogue: Taking the war to HMRC”
December 16, 2017
Abstract from the book: “This book is the final part of the Project Zacchaeus report and corresponds to the Closing phase of the project. The author completes his analysis of the performance of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as the national tax collection authority for the United Kingdom based on his own experience as both an individual UK Taxpayer and the Sole Direct of a small company, Telematique Limited, registered in England & Wales. Part 1 examined how HMRC sets its priorities and deploys its resources while Part 2 examined the competence of HMRC in comparison to the US federal tax collection authority, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Part 3 focused on how HMRC is coping with Globalization by looking at how successful HMRC has been in enforcing UK legislation for taxing corporations on their profit. In this final part we start by examining aspects of the system of penalties that HMRC has been deploying against UK taxpaying entities ever since UK legislation allowed it to do so. We then expand our analysis to cover other related subjects: In Section 3 we examine the different pieces of UK legislation which over the years have empowered HMRC to issue Notices of Penalty Determination (NPD). In Section 4 we construct a profile for the Average UK Trader in terms of the revenue earned, the profit made and the taxes paid. In Section 5 we apply a modeling technique from Project Management called WHAT-IF Scenario Analysis to analyze how AUKSB Limited (a hypothetical entity) would be impacted if HMRC were to target it in the same way that HMRC has been targeting Telematique Limited. In Section 6 and Section 7 we examine two different aspects of HMRC’s Penalty Notices Campaign against the UK taxpaying community starting with the profitability of such a campaign. We then examine another high-profile campaign launched by HMRC, the Whistleblower Campaign, which HMRC copied from the IRS then crudely launched it against the UK Taxpaying community”
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uayicProject Zacchaeus – Telematique vs HMRC, Epilogue: Taking the war to HMRC