Telematique Limited

A private limited company registered with Companies House in England and Wales, United Kingdom

Telematique Limited is part of a group consisting of three separate Legal Entities working together to realize the vision of establishing the profession of Project Management in the federal Republic of Iraq and offering Project Management and related services to Clients worldwide. The three Legal Entities which make up the group are:
Telematique Limited (Exhibits 1) – a private limited company incorporated on 12-May-2008 and registered in England & Wales #6589934 with VAT registration number #933626027.
Telematique Co. for General Trading (Exhibit 2) – a private limited company incorporated on 20-Sep-2012 and registered in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq with number #4312.
Iraq Project Management Organization (IPMO) (Exhibit 3). – A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) licensed by the NGO Office of the Council of Ministers of Iraqi Kurdistan Region on 4-Jun-2014 with number #604-K.
Iraq Lawyer is a law practice and an organ of Iraq Project Management Organization (IPMO).

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