Investment Opportunities

Dergezain Gawra Project

Business Plan:
Regenerating an eighteenth century family property in downtown Sulaimani over a number of incremental project phases culminating in the construction of a grand stateof‐the‐art 2,249 square meter complex.
Background Information:
The subject of this business plan is the land of Sheikh Ahmed, who was also known as Sheikh Ahmedi Hawleri (Erbili) (EXHIBIT 32), and who was the financial supplier of Mawlana Khalidi Naqishbandi. This honorable fellow settled in Dergezain neighbourhood of Sulaimani in the eighteenth century. Today the 2,249 square meter land comprises a mosque, two sets of shops and a car garage some of these units are derelict and have not seen any investment since 1952 when Judge Ahmed Mukhtar the grandson of Sheikh Ahmedi Hawleri died. This business plan presentation is intented to contain in a single document all of information necessary to enable Venture Capitalists, Private or
Public Investors to make a fundig decision. There is a large number of documents that are relied on and these are referred to as EXHIBITs and listed in the Evidence section. All of these EXHIBITS are available for inspection by Investors.

    Mesopotamia Real‐Estate Project

    This project will be located and managed between the UK (London) and Iraq (Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad) through UK and Iraqi companies & organizations with headquarters in London and Sulaymaniyah. The nine commercial buildings identified are all located in Baghdad. Eight of the nine commercial buildings have been fully occupied for a number of years and return a steady revenue from rental income which results in first year ROI ratios of 3.32% to 14.4% . The ninth building in Baghdad is new and unoccupied which creates excellent opportunities to negotiate favourable leases with new tenants.

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