Project Robber Baron – Telematique vs Lloyds Bank PLC

Introduction – Project Robber Baron arose from the personal experience of the Sole Director of Telematique Limited who had to confront one of the major UK retail banks, Lloyds Bank PLC in the UK courts.

Progress of Project Robber Baron Access to live updates and news of the project

 Help to victims of abuse by Lloyds Bank PLC Our group has developed considerable experience in confronting large, powerful UK organizations who abuse their Customers, such as HMRC and Lloyds Bank PLC.  If you have been mistreated  by HMRC or Lloyds Bank PLC  then please contact us to see if we can help.

We are suing a major Bank in UK Courts for alleged dishonesty. Banks can ignore complaints, but they cannot ignore a Court Summons. Maybe we can help you submit a Money Claim

 Step 1 – Complain

Email the Bank to complain. If the Bank ignores your email, then submit a FORMAL complaint to the Customer Services Manager. Keep a copy of your letter and use a recorded delivery service such as Royal Mail Signed For® 1st Class (

 Step 2 – Contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

Give the Bank two weeks to acknowledge your FORMAL complaint and respond to you in writing.  If you remain dissatisfied then contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) ( Call them or submit a complaint online on their website.

 Step 3 – Beyond Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

Give the FOS between two and four weeks to acknowledge your complaint and respond to you specifying the steps they will take and the timescales.

 Step 4 – Take the bank to court (Contact Us)

If the FOS ignore your complaint, take too long to respond or if you are dissatisfied with their plan of action then it may be time to submit a Money Claim (MCOL) against the Bank.  You can do this yourself.  We can help you with guidance and advice based on our experience of confronting large, powerful UK organization who abuse UK laws and their customers such as National Bank of Greece Egypt, HMRC and Lloyds Bank PLC. If you need the help of  legal professionals then we can get our legal advisors, Worthingtons Solicitors, involved.

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