Project Sus Scrofa

  • Introduction
  • Project Sus scrofa
  • Wild Boar vis-à-vis South Kurdistan
    – Taxonomy and evolution
    – Subspecies
    – Domestication
    – Physical description
    – Social behavior and life cycle
    – Ecology
    – Habitat and sheltering behavior
    – Diet
    – Predators
    – Range
    – Reconstructed range
    – Present range
    – Status in South Kurdistan
    – Diseases and parasites
    – Relationships with humans
    – In culture
    – As a game animal and food source
    – Crop and garbage raiding
    – Attacks on humans
  • Wild Boar references in the Quran, Bible and the Old Testament
  • Damage caused by Wild Boar to local farmers in Sulaimani
  • Working with local farmers to counter the threat cause by Wild Boar
  • Proposing solutions to the problem of Wild Boar, such as regulated hunting
  • Laws of Iraqi Kurdistan vis-à-vis Wild Boar Hunting
  • Seeking approval of the Sulaimani Governorate
  • Logistics of the Hunt
    – Geographical locations
    – Weapons and ammunition
    – Transportation
    – Accommodation
    – Base camp
    – What to do with the meat and the carcasses
  • Project Funding
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